Allowing God’s Trees to Sing

I build guitars using the old and proven

ways of lutherie, and also use some of the

newest ideas, innovations and techniques

of the modern luthier trade too.

I know that choosing to have a custom

guitar built especially for you is a big

decision and this may be the only

instrument that you ever have that was

built especially for you. I take care to

build that special instrument that will

please your ears and eyes for your lifetime

and then for generations to come. I will

take care to help you choose the right tone

woods for your Instrument and then help

choose a body style that suits your playing

style. After that, choosing just the right

amount of adornment (inlays) for your

Instrument is something that you can do to

make it just the right “custom” look you

want. I will strive to put all of the

craftsmanship into your guitar from start

to finish so that you will have something

that you can be proud of for decades. After

all, making music is your dream, and making

instruments is my passion! What better

combination could one have?

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Phone: 615-410-1773